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A11 Group Members

Aviator Training Center is an aviation training center, approved by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) (Rosaviatsiya) (Certificate No.334), European Aviation Union Safety Agency (EASA) (EASA.147.0085), Russian Ministry of Education (Certificate No.035618), as well as by civil aviation authorities of Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Tajikistan. Offers type trainings, as well as a variety of additional trainings for a wide range of aviation professionals (components maintenance trainings, SMS, aviation legislation, aviation technical English, etc.) Has a broad experience in consulting for aviation technical assets suppliers – for example, developing and maintaining a quality system as per international standards AS/EN 9120, based on ISO9001. The first in Russia and CIS countries to be accredited by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) as an IS-BAO Standard training and consultancy body IS-BAO Programme Support Affiliate (PSA) at the ‘Audit and Registration Support’ category. Thus, the specialists of Aviator are allowed to not only to give training courses, but also to provide full support for IS-BAO Standard implementation by Business Aviation Airlines.


Aviagrand, LLC is a certification center accredited by the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) (Rosaviatsiya), which allows performing initial and recurrent airworthiness reviews of aircraft subject to the stipulated requirements under the scope of authorization; Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) approved by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA). Aviagrand also offers a wide variety of consultancy services including the aftersale support, aviation technologies design and production as per EASA Part-21/Russian FAP-21, aircraft and component maintenance as per EASA Part-145/Russian FAP-285, etc. Aviagrand now hosts a Design Bureau (DOA – aircraft modifications). Submitted application for Russian FAP-21 and EASA Part-21. Member of the Helicopter Industry Association (HIA).


Aviabest, LLC Is an approved maintenance organisation (AMO). Established in 2021, the organization is the holder of Russian AMO certificate No. 285–22–031 as per Federal Aviation Rules of the Russian Federation FAR-285. The scope of approval at the moment includes line maintenance of modern western-built commercial aircraft such as Airbus A330, A350, and Boeing 777. The organization has sufficient equipment and tools to perform most maintenance tasks, including troubleshooting, as well as assessing possible aircraft damage and respective prompt repair as per approved technical data.


Aviaizdat, LLC (exists since 1969, was initially established to provide the industry with all technical publications required for aviation technologies export). Provides aviation technical translations (including those as per STE – Simplified Aviation English), adaptive (semantic) translations, documentation adapting as per STE requirements, Scientific proofreading, copy editing and publication of aviation documentation, data analysis services, and much more. Director General of Aviaizdat serves as a deputy national representative of Russia in the Simplified Technical English Maintenance Group (STEMG).


Aviastaff, LLC is a recruiting agency, as well as an organization, which provides services in the HR field: talent acquisition and competency assessment of personnel for the needs of aviation enterprises. Aviastaff performs search, selection and assessment of the candidates as per the qualification requirements of the Customers. The assessment is arranged in several steps and follows a unique methodology, which includes the knowledge checks, his/her aptitude to perform the job functions, practical skills assessment, as well as analyzing key personal qualities (soft skills) of the candidates. Aviastaff works for the benefit of aviation community, and aims at establishment of a pool of professionals, who are interested in personal development and recruitment.

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