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Social Projects

A11 Group and its employees are committed to the social, ecological, physical, and psychological well-being of the human population, and thus participate in different social and eco projects. In order to improve awareness of such projects, we’ve assembled information on several social projects below.


ABA stands for ‘applied behavioral analysis’ – a top-notch scientific approach to support the learning of children with special needs. In ABA-center children are having fun while learning new things in an atmosphere of compassion, understanding and unlimited patience.

ABA-center My Planet incorporates and ABA-kindergarten, Pyramid Educational Consultants (PECS) Certification Courses, and a number of intensive courses for children with special needs including behavioristic analysis, determination of the behavioral patterns, visual timetable methods, alternative communication systems, and much more.

LizaAlert is a team of volunteers, which are united by the desire to help people, who got lost (in cities, forests, fields, moors etc.). Any person can file a request to LizaAlert if his/her relative is lost (after the respective request to the Department of Home Affairs is filed), and the volunteers of LizaAlert will initiate the search and rescue operation (jointly with the Department of Home Affairs, Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Response, etc.)

LizaAlert was established in 2010 after the dramatic search for a little 4-year-old girl. She got lost in the forest with her special-needs aunt and

two dogs. Almost 500 volunteers jointly with the special forces were searching through the forest. Liza (that was her name) was found on the 10th day, and the examination showed that she died on the 9th. Less than 2 months after Liza was found the LizaAlert Search-and-Rescue Team was established.

Today hundreds of volunteers participate in the search and rescue operations following LizaAlert’s algorithms. LizaAlert has a number of ‘divis

ions’: information coordinators, people who call around the hospitals and morgues, drones division, cavalry division, canine division, storekeepers, media division, etc. LizaAlert works together with other search-and-rescue teams such as Helicopter Search-and-Rescue Team ‘Angel’, Diving Search-and-Rescue Team ‘Dobrotvorets’, etc.

The Team does not accept money for their services, but anyone can help by buying flashlights, navigators, drones, A4 paper, etc. and passing these to the Team. Or by simply joining the search and rescue operations.

‘Good-hearted bottle caps’ is a social & eco project, which has been initiated to

support two main objectives: make our world a cleaner place, and help pediatric patients. This project was launched jointly by the Social Movement “Good-hearted bottle caps” and the Charity Fund “Volunteers helping orphaned children”.

How does it work: the plastic bottle caps are collected in different places, and then forwarded to the several main warehouses. After a significant amount of bottle caps is collected, they are transferred to a plastic recycling plant. The plant weighs the bottle caps, and transfers the respective funds to the Charity Fund “Volunteers helping orphaned children”. The Charity Fund then uses these funds to buy specialized devices for the orphaned special needs children.

Although it seems to be a very simple act – not to throw away a bottle cap, but to wash and keep it for recycling – it’s payback is huge. For example, in 2016 414 tonnes of bottle caps were collected, which resulted in 8,945,000 Rubles (around 120,900 USD).

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